Meet Rachel

Birth Doula

As a birth doula, I provide care to people of all backgrounds including, but not limited to; LGBTQ, adoptive and traditional families, and single moms. My goal is to provide mothers with women centered care that views birth as a natural process. I hope to meet a mother’s needs coming from a place of strength and empowerment. Having a doula at your birth can dramatically enhance your birthing experience, regardless of what type of birth you have.

Personal Background

I grew up in Connecticut in a small suburban town and as soon as I completed highschool, my desire to explore the world and see the diversity it has to offer, led me to travel and ultimately attend college at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. It was here that I found my passion for healthcare and women’s health. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree with an individual concentration in complementary and alternative medicine, alongside completing premed requirements. Following graduation, I completed a year of service with Americorps Healthcorps at a community health center in Boston, in order to figure out whether being a Doctor was really what I wanted to do.

After shadowing a nurse midwife there, I developed a deep interest in birth and decided that I wanted to become a nurse midwife. The more I researched, the more it seemed that becoming a doula would be a wonderful way to gain a deeper understanding of the birthing process before pursuing midwifery. It was then that I decided to attend a wonderful doula training course through Warm Welcome Birth Services and was able to witness my first birth at Cambridge hospital shortly after.

Since then, my passion for birth and empowering women through their birth experience has only increased. I continue to remain in complete awe of the birthing process and the sheer joy, amazement, and affirmation I have felt at each birth I have attended, has only deepened my faith that being a doula is my true calling. Being a doula has truly fulfilled my desire to obtain intimacy with my clients and the amazing bond that creates between mother and doula before, during and after birth, continues to amaze me each time.


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